Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cling Tightly to the Word of God

Written in 2005 for my niece Alicia's confirmation. To the tender tune O COME by Amanda Husberg.

Cling tightly to the Word of God
And Christ's disciple be;
For then, beloved, you will know
The truth that sets you free,
The truth that sets you free.

Recall in faith the precious gift
Of your baptismal day,
When you were joined to Jesus' death
That washed your sins away,
That washed your sins away.

For just as God raised up His Son
From death by His great might,
So too, in Christ, we now may live
As children of the light,
As children of the light.

Be strong! Stand firm! Come, walk the path
That saints before You trod,
With ready feet to bring good news
Of Christ--the Peace of God,
Of Christ--the Peace of God.

Know that His body and His blood
Will feed your hungry soul
Like manna in life's wilderness,
Until you reach your goal,
Until you reach your goal.

Now fix your eyes on Jesus Christ;
"Come, follow Me," says He;
"Deny yourself, take up your cross--
Come, lose your life for Me,
Come, lose your life for Me."