Monday, November 26, 2012

The Day of Christ's Return

A versification of 2 Peter 3: 3,4,8-13, written in 1998 to the tune CHEOPS by Carl Schalk.
The gray and chilly days of late November are fitting for the end of the Church Year with its brisk announcement of the Second Coming of our Lord.  The heralding voice of the Word of God trumpets the truth that the Last Day is indeed coming.  Like a biting blast of arctic air, Scripture cuts like a knife with a sober view of reality at odds with a world that scorns Jesus Christ.  Jesus is Lord, and while this was the first confession in the early church, it remains the Church's confession to this day and all that such a profession of faith means in our post-modern, post-Christian world.  Maranatha! Lord Jesus, come!

1.  The day of Christ's return is still denied
     By skeptics, who in unbelief deride:
        "Where is this coming of your Lord?"
     Their darkened minds are blinded by their pride.

2.  Yes, in the human heart rebellion grows,
     Forgetting what the Scripture clearly shows:
         A thousand years within God's sight
     Are like a day that quickly comes and goes.

3.  The gracious reason why our Lord delays
     Reflects His patience born of endless days:
         For God would have the world repent
     And turn from futile, selfish, empty ways.

4.  For soon the heav'ns will vanish with a roar;
     The earth laid bare by fire will be no more!
         What kind of people ought we be
     As we await the One whom we adore?

5.  LIve godly lives of holiness and peace;
     By word and deed the love of Christ increase;
         Look forward to and speed that day
     When all will be made new and never cease.

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