Wednesday, August 22, 2012

At Sinai, Moses Tended Sheep

Written to the glory of God for the 2012 Michigan District Lutheran Women's Missionary League convention under the convention theme: "Now Go..." based on Exodus 4:12.  The tune is EIN FESTE BURG (Isorhythmic).

1. At Sinai, Moses tended sheep,
God's sacred mountain looming;
He saw a bush whose fiery flames
Were not its leaves consuming!
God warned, "Do not come near!
Remove your sandals here!
On holy ground you stand!
Heed now what I command:
Bring Israel out of Egypt." 

2. For God had heard His people's cry
And seen their great affliction;
Yet Moses doubted he could lead
God's people from conscription.
"What shall I say, " said he,
"If questioned who sent me?"
"I AM," replied the LORD!
"This answer you afford:
'I AM has sent me to you.'"

3. "They will not listen," Moses feared,
"To all that I will tell them."
So God gave Moses wondrous signs,
To strengthen and compel him.
Still Moses cried with dread,
"My speech is poor," he said.
God quickly would remind:
"Man's mouth have I designed--
Now go, I will be with you!"

4.  "My Lord, oh, please send someone else!"
God heard the plea there spoken--
A greater Moses He would send
So that sin's bonds be broken:
Christ Jesus, God's own Son,
Our freedom fully won!
His work to us commends,
To ev'ry nation sends:
"Now go and make disciples..."

5.  The Church in ev'ry age takes up
The task that Jesus gave her:
To baptize in God's triune name
And teach of Christ, the Savior.
Christ says to us today:
"Now go without delay!
On Me cast ev'ry fear;
Recall my promise clear--
'I will be with you always!'"

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