Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lord, I Cry in Deep Despair

This hymn was written in 2008 and was inspired by the tune by Lois Brokering, EVERYTHING IS ONE.  Today's wonderful epistle lesson (1 Timothy 1:12-17) was a great reminder that Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners.  The Lord Jesus Christ alone justifies, purifies, fortifies, satisfies and glorifies all believers.

1.  Lord, I cry in deep despair;
     Do you hear my tear-choked prayer?
     Dare I come before Your throne
     With this weight of sin I own?
     Is there One to speak for me
     And declare this captive free?
        You and You alone, Lord Jesus,
        You need justify, justify my soul.

2.  All my scarlet sins you know,
     Can You make them white as snow?
     Ev'ry dark and crimson stain,
     Can You make like wool again?
     Will you cast into the sea
     All the sins that trouble me?
        You and You alone, Lord Jesus,
        You need purify, purify my soul.

3.  When I hear the tempter's voice,
     Can I make the godly choice?
     When the world would have me stray,
     Will I walk Your holy way?
     Though my nature is corrupt,
     Can its power You disrupt?
        You and You alone, Lord Jesus,
        You need fortify, fortify my soul.

4.  What of things that turn to rust--
     Are they worthy of my trust?
     What of things that moths destroy--
     Will they give me lasting joy?
     Can they make me rich indeed
     Or my beggared spirit feed?
        You and You alone, Lord Jesus
        You need satisfy, satisfy my soul.

5.  All my times are in Your hand,
     Yours alone, at Your command;
     Will You stay by me to cheer
     When my final hour is near?
     Will You then, Lord, be the Way
     That will lead from night to day?
        You and You alone, Lord Jesus,
        You need glorify, glorify my soul.