Friday, June 24, 2016

Bread of Heaven, Living Manna

Inspired by the Welsh tune, SUO GAN, I recently wrote this hymn text as a meditation upon the John 6:22-59 "Bread of Life" passage.

Bread of heaven, living manna,          
Love and mercy You exude;           
Perfect off’ring, freely given
On the blood-marked Paschal rood;
Bread unleavened, Lamb unblemished,
Freeing sin-bound slaves from strife:
Feed us on our desert journey,
Holy Jesus, Bread of Life.
Bread of heaven, living manna,
Sure Your promise—faithful, true:
“Take and eat; this bread here broken
Is My body giv’n for you.
Take and drink; this cup of blessing
Is My very blood outpoured.”
With thanksgiving—sins forgiven—
We will ever bless You, Lord!
Bread of heaven, living manna,
Bread the ancients never knew;
You, Lord Jesus, came from heaven,
That our world be fed by You;
Now in You we never hunger,
And believing, thirst no more;
Living in You, Lord, we ever
Have our being and adore.

rood: a cross as used in crucifixion;
         the cross on which Christ died.