Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jerusalem, Awake! The Hour Is Near

As we enter a new Church Year, the traditional Gospel lesson for the First Sunday of Advent is Christ's entry into Jerusalem.  Such a lesson transports us to Holy Week and focuses our hearts upon the real purpose of our Lord's coming:  humbling Himself unto death, even death on a cross to secure our salvation.  The text was written in 1996 to the tune JESAIA, DEM PROPHETEN; the text is based on Matthew 21:1-9.

Jerusalem, awake!  The hour is near;
The day that brings your peace is almost here!
Christ comes to save all people from their sin;
He comes the sinner's heart and soul to win--
Not as a lord to reign in tyranny,
But as the Lord whose love rules inwardly.
This Sov'reign's stead proclaims His humble goal:
The true Messiah's mount, a donkey's foal.
Arise, O Israel!  Greet Your coming King;
Let ev'ry heart rejoice and gladly sing:
  "Hosanna, David's Son, hosanna!
   Hosanna, David's Son, hosanna!
   Hosanna, David's Son, hosanna!
   How blest is He who comes in the name of the Lord!"
To death this king rides with determined pace,
As still He weeps and longs for your embrace.