Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For Barnabas We Praise You

I am a son of Barnabas dorm at Concordia, Ann Arbor (1973-1975).  (Barnabas=son of consolation, from the Hebrew: bar, "son," and nafesh, "recreate, revive, console")  June 11 is St. Barnabas, Apostle on the Church Year calendar.  He was a Jew, a Levite born in Cyprus, one of the first disciples of the apostles and St. Paul's traveling companion until the sixteenth year after Christ's resurrection.  Paul informs us that Barnabas was the cousin of John Mark (Col. 4:10) and it was the disagreement between Barnabas and Paul over whether or not to take John Mark on the second missionary journey that parted Barnabas from Paul.  Barnabas took John Mark and went to Cyrus; Paul took Silas and went to Syria and Cilicia (Acts 15:36-41).  Barnabas is mentioned in Acts 4, 9, 11, 13, 14, and 15.   Hymn text and verse on Barnabas was written by Horatio Bolton Nelson, 1823-1913.  (LSB 518 st. 1, 17, 3)

1.  By all Your saints in warfare,
     For all Your saints at rest,
     Your holy name, O Jesus,
     Forevermore be blest!
     For You have won the battle
     That they might wear the crown;
     And now they shine in glory
     Reflected from Your throne.

2.  For Barnabas we praise You,
     Who kept Your law of love
     And, leaving earthly treasures,
     Sought riches from above.
     O Christ, our Lord and Savior,
     Let gifts of grace descend,
     That Your true consolation
     May through the world extend.

3.  Then let us praise the Father
     And worship God the Son
     And sing to God the Spirit,
     Eternal Three in One,
     Till all the ransomed number
     Fall down before the throne,
     Ascribing pow'r and glory
     And praise to God alone.

Almighty God, Your faithful servant Barnabas sought not his own renown but gave generously of his life and substance for the encouragement of the apostles and their ministry.  Grant that we may follow his example in lives given to charity and the proclamation of the Gospel; though Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.