Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rest, O Christ, from All Your Labor

By the late Herman G. Stuempfle.

1.  Rest, O Christ, from all Your labor;
     Sleep within Your borrowed tomb.
     Foes have crucified and bound You
     Fast within death's narrow room.
     Pilate's guards stand watching, waiting
     Where they rolled the sealing stone.
     All unseen another watches:
     God will not forsake His own.

2.  Peace at last from all Your anguish,
     Wounds in hands and feet and side.
     Enemies no longer mock You,
     Scourged, abandoned, crucified.
     Faithful women gather spices,
     Weep for You whom sin has slain.
     Though they mourn, the God who guards You
     Will not let Your death be vain.

3.  Help us keep this solemn sabbath
     As we wait for Easter dawn.
     Earth's dark night of sin is passing;
     Death's long reign will soon be gone.
     Christ, in whom the new creation
     Rises brighter than the sun:
     May we, as we watch for morning,
     Trust the vict'ry You have won.

4.  As, through parting Red Sea waters,
     Israel marched to liberty,
     So we pass through baptism's water,
     Washed by grace, from sin set free.
     Jesus, risen, living, reigning
     Now and through eternity:
     Grant that, through Your life undying,
     We may live victoriously.

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