Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bring All Your Fear

Written in 1994 and set to the tune EARTH AND ALL STARS.

1.  Bring all your fear,
     Bring all your sadness,
     Bring all your doubt and despair to the tomb.
     See the great stone
     Rolled from the entrance,
     Points to the end of our dark night of gloom!
Refrain:  Alleluia!  Alleluia!
             Christ has arisen!  Alleluia!

2.  Hear the good news--
     Jesus is living!
     Do you remember the words He once said:
     "Be crucified,
     Rise on the third day."
     He is not here in the graves of the dead!  Refrain

3.  God's rising Son
     Mourning eclipses,
     Shining on all those who sorrow and grieve;
     Calling by name
     All who are weeping,
     So they the light of His love might receive.  Refrain

4.  Where doors are locked
     And hearts are broken,
     Bruised and in need of the One crucified,
     Jesus appears;
     "Peace!" He says gently,
     Showing the marks in His hands and His side!  Refrain

5.  Sing to the Lord,
     Sing of His triumph:
     "Worthy is Jesus, the Lamb that was slain!"
     Jesus--our song,
     Jesus--our gladness,
     Jesus--our joyful and endless refrain!  Refrain

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