Friday, May 24, 2013

Did Not Brave Esther Speak

Esther's courage is needed by Christians today!  We are given so many fine examples of faith and faith active in love by faithful women in Holy Scripture.

1.  Did not brave Esther speak to free
     Her people from their doom?
     She dared confront a treachery
     That would her race entomb.
     Has God not brought you to this place
     For such a time as this,
     To speak His Word of light and grace
     So none its truth dismiss?

2.  What tender care the women showed
     When Christ was crucified!
     With tears and prayers their love bestowed
     As Jesus bled and died.
     Those faithful Marys shared the gloom
     Of Jesus' bitter strife;
     They came with spices to the tomb,
     Yet found Him raised to life!

3.  O sing of Anna, prophetess,
     The temple was her home;
     Of Phoebe, faithful deaconess,
     Who brought Paul's words to Rome;
     Of Lydia, whose cloth was dyed
     With hospitality;
     Their lives of service magnified
     The Holy Trinity.

4.  God summons you to truly care,
     To weep with those who cry,
     To take your cross and for Christ dare
     To live and self deny,
     To give till wealth is sacrificed
     For those in pressing need,
     That all may see in you the Christ--
     His love your living creed.

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