Monday, March 22, 2010

Spirit, Come With Grace Renew

This confirmation text was written for my son Peter's confirmation in 2007 and is set to the Carl Schalk tune JESUS' NAME.  The tradition here at St. John remains Palm Sunday confirmation and Maundy Thursday first communion.
1.  Spirit, come with grace, renew
     These our children called by You;
     May their souls and bodies be
     Kept by You in sanctity.
           Refrain:   Breathe on them Your living breath;
                          Keep them faithful unto death.

2.  To the font their faith we trace,
      Where You touched them with Your grace,
      Grafting them by love’s design
      As a branch into the Vine.   Refrain
3.   Help them live, O holy Fire,
      By God’s Word, as You desire;
      Purge away all worthless dross,
      Forge their lives around the cross.   Refrain

4.   In the Eucharistic meal,    
      Your forgiveness to them seal                    
      As they feed on Jesus Christ,                                 
      For their sins once sacrificed.   Refrain

5.   May they fruits of faith display,
      Firm and steadfast till that day
      When all those who Christ confess
      Shall be crowned with righteousness.   Refrain

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Sam said...

Pastor Starke,

I'm trying to hunt down the tune you mentioned (Carl Schalk's JESUS' NAME), and am not having good luck finding it. Do you know where it would be possible to find it?