Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rebuke Me Not, O Lord, in Wrath

This versification of Psalm 6 was written in 1998 to the tune CHRISTIAN LOVE.  Another suggested tune is CONSOLATION.

1.  Rebuke me not, O Lord, in wrath,
         Nor judge me for my sin,
     But lead me on Your righteous path
         And cleanse my life within.

2. Have pity, hear my weakened sighs
        And heal all that is wrong;
    With anguished fright my spirit cries:
       “How long, O Lord, how long?”
3. Deliver me from sin and shame,
        Lord, turn to me and save—
    For who in death recalls Your name?
        Who thanks You from the grave?

4.  My eyes are worn away with grief,
         My bed is drenched with tears;
     From all my foes, Lord, grant relief
         And save me from my fears.

5.  You workers of iniquity
         Who fill my heart with care:
     In God’s strong name depart from me—
         The Lord has heard my prayer!

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