Wednesday, March 17, 2010

God's Glorious Way is Hard to See

This text by a Lutheran pastor in Canada, Kurt E. Reinhardt, confesses the theology of the cross: that God did His greatest work in the seeming weakness and foolishness of the cross.  God still hides the glory of His work in weak and common things--Word with water and Word with bread and wine, the preached Word and the Word of Absolution.  He uses common clay people to do His work in our world today.  Truly humble is God's chosen way!

God's glorious way is hard to see,
He hides it in humility;
The praise of this world leads astray,
For humble is God's chosen way.

A crown of thorns rests on His head,
He's robed in Roman mocking red,
"Hail, Israel's King," with scorn they say;
How humble is God's chosen way.

Then burdened down with heavy beam,
He stumbles through the jeering stream,
While mournful women weep and pray;
How humble is God's chosen way.

True hatred nails Him to the tree,
He hangs in tortured agony,
While for His clothes the soldiers play;
How humble is God's chosen way.

Now simple words proclaimed and read
With water, wine, and earthly bread,
Bring us the gifts He earned that day;
How humble is God's chosen way.

Dear mothers tend their children's needs,
And farmers sow their precious seeds;
The Lord works good through our poor clay;
How humble is God's chosen way.

A poor saint suffers on his bed
He longs to join the faithful dead,
But for some good he still must stay;
How humble is God's chosen way.

The way of life leads through the night,
So faith must lead instead of sight;
The cross seems humble in its day
But truly is God's glorious way.

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