Saturday, June 7, 2008

We Sing th' Amazing Deeds

This hymn by Isaac Watts he himself subtitled: Incomparable food; or, The flesh and blood of Christ.  

1.  [We sing th' amazing deeds
        That grace divine performs;
    Th' eternal God comes down and bleeds
        To nourish dying worms.

2.  This soul-reviving wine,
         Dear Saviour, is thy blood;
     We thank that sacred flesh of thine
         For this immortal food.]

3.  The banquet that we eat
         Is made of heav'nly things;
     Earth has no dainties half so sweet
         As our Redeemer brings.

4.  In vain had Adam sought
         And searched his garden round;
     For there was no such blessed fruit
         In all that happy ground.

5.  Th' angelic host above
         Can never taste this food;
     They feast upon their Maker's love,
         But not a Saviour's blood.

6.  On us th' almighty Lord
         Bestows this matchless grace,
     And meets us with some cheering word,
         With pleasure in his face.

7.  Come, all ye drooping saints,
         And banquet with the King;
     This wine will drown your sad complaints,
         And tune your voice to sing--

8.  Salvation to the name
         Of our adored Christ!
     Through the wide earth his grace proclaim,
         His glory in the high'st.

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