Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Father, by Whose Name

Yesterday we celebrated my father's 90th birthday and today we jointly celebrated Fathers' Day. "Our Father, by Whose Name" was written for The Hymnal 1940 by F. Bland Tucker. He served on the editorial committee for this hymnal and felt the need to expand the prayer section of this hymnal, which was the authorized hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church. The tune RHOSYMEDRE, a Welsh tune by Rev. John D. Edwards. The tune is named after the parish at which Pr. Edwards served. The tune was first published about 1840. Ralph Vaughan Williams wrote a wonderful organ preluded based on this tune.

1. Our Father, by whose name
All fatherhood is known,
Who dost in love proclaim
Each family Thine own,
Bless Thou all parents, guarding well,
With constant love as sentinel,
The homes in which Thy people dwell.

2. O Christ, Thyself a child
Within an earthly home,
With heart still undefiled,
Thou didst to manhood come;
Our children bless in ev'ry place
That they may all behold Thy face,
And knowing Thee may grow in grace.

3. O Spirit, who dost bind
Our hearts in unity,
Who teachest us to find
The love from self set free,
In all our hearts such love increase
That ev'ry home by this release
May be the dwelling place of peace.


Unknown said...

Hi Dad,

Since I didn't remember what the website was called, i had to Google your name until I found it, so I bookmarked it! PS--I don't have a Gmail account, so I used Justin's :)

Happy Father's Day, I love you!

Love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the name of the tune so I could look it up in the hymnal! That makes life so much easier.