Sunday, April 12, 2020

Stay With Us

A hymn by Herbert F. Brokering (1926-2009) "Stay With Us" captures an event that took place on the evening of Easter when Jesus appeared to two of His disciples walking on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35).  It is paired to the tender tune STAY WITH US by Walter L. Pelz (b. 1926). The hymn text forms a beautiful prayer for us during this pandemic and is found in the evening section of Lutheran Service Book (LSB 879).

Stay with us, till night has come:
Our praise to You this day be sung.
    Bless our bread,
    Open our eyes:
Jesus, be our great surprise.
Walk with us. Our spirits sigh:
Hear when our weary spirits cry,
    Feel again
    Our loss, our pain:
Jesus, take us to Your side.
Walk with us. The road will bend:
Make all our weeping, wailing end.
    Wipe our tears,
    Forgive our fears:
Jesus, lift the heavy cross.
Talk with us, till we behold
A joyful life You will unfold:
    Heal our eyes
    To see the prize:
Jesus, take us to the light.
Stay with us, till day is done:
No tears nor dark shall dim the sun.
    Cheer the heart,
    Your grace impart:
Jesus, bring eternal life.

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