Thursday, March 19, 2020

O God, In Days of Dire Need

Written in 2006 to the glory of God, for David H. Bergquist and God’s people of the Algona Circuit of Iowa District West.  May be sung to the tune CONSOLATION.

1.   O God, in days of dire need      
      When blessings seem so few,      
      May fear and doubt not supersede      
      Our faith and hope in You.

2.   Who feeds the sparrows in the trees?      

      Who robes the lily fair?      
      Lord, You!  You love us more than these—      
      Can we not trust Your care?

3.   A single sparrow does not fall       

      Unnoticed by Your eye;      
      Our hairs You number, one and all,      
      On You, Lord, we rely.

4.   Your daily faithfulness we trace,      

      Your saving love—how great!      
      Your care provides that quiet place      
      Of calm, where we can wait.

5.   Your thoughts are higher than our ways—      

      So far above our own!      
      We trust such wisdom for our days      
      And rest in You alone.

6.   For every change and every fear,      

      In trouble and distress,      
      You, God of grace, are always near      
      To comfort and to bless.

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