Thursday, October 10, 2013

You, My People, Shall Be Holy!

Hymn written to the glory of God in grateful thanksgiving for the teaching and ministry of Dr. John Kleinig, for his Festschrift.

1.  You, My people, shall be holy!
     I AM God, your holy LORD."
     Flawed all human thought and effort--
     God must holiness afford!
     "Make an Ark and Tabernacle."
     With His own the LORD would meet:
     Veiled within the cloudy pillar,
     Throned above the Mercy Seat.

2.  At the altar of burnt off'ring,
     In the daily sacrifice,
     There the LORD forgave His people,
     Cov'ring sin, removing vice;
     On the Day of the Atonement,
     Ent'ring that Most Holy Place,
     Cleansing blood the priest would sprinkle
     On the Ark before God's face.

3.  Christ, incarnate Tabernacle--
     With the world God deigned to dwell!
     Flesh disguised the LORD's high glory:
     Virgin-born Immanuel!
     Good that Friday of Atonement,
     When on Golgotha's dread hill,
     Christ upon the altar offered
     Priceless blood, God's wrath to still.

4.  Christ behind the veil then entered,
     Stood before the Father's throne,
     There His sacred lifeblood sprinkling,
     Which would ever all atone.
     God, the Temple curtain tearing,
     That division to erase;
     God, the veil forever op'ning--
     Nothing bars us from His face!

5.  Sinners--we in Christ have access
     To the holy Three in One!
     Saints--before the Father's Presence,
     We stand dazzling as His Son!
     Christ our birth-corruption covered;
     Blest that washing of rebirth!
     Baptized, saved, all filth removing,
     As the Flood once cleansed the earth!

6.  God the Holy Spirit calls us,
     Feeds us with the Sacrament--
     Bread and wine veil blood an body,
     Feeding all, yet never spent;
     Daily sanctifies and keeps us,
     Lives in us, His holy shrines,
     With His fruit each one He graces
     To accomplish God's designs.

7.  "You, My people, shall be holy!"
     God His holiness bestows!
     Royal priests--in Christ a nation
     From eternity God chose!
     Glory be, O holy Father;
     Glory be, O holy Son;
     Glory be, O Holy Spirit--
     Ever Three and ever One!

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