Saturday, October 12, 2013

Come, Marvel at the Mercy of Our Maker

Written to the glory of God at the 175th anniversary of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis to the tune RED HILL ROAD (ELW 760) by Carl Schalk.

1.  Come, marvel at the mercy of our Maker,
     Who from the woman's seed has sent His Son,
     Born under law that each might be partaker
     Of full redemption treasures He has won!
     Proclaim the cross raised on that skull-like mountain
     Where justice falls, yet intersects with grace,
     For from that junction flows a living fountain,
     A crystal stream to green our desert race.

2.  Souls parched for grace where grit of sin is soiling,
     Hearts burdened by its foul and crushing weight,
     That heavy load of guilt and futile toiling
     Beneath the sun of vanity and hate:
     Come, bathe; be cleansed in pure baptismal waters!
     A false mirage?  No, true reality--
     A Word-drenched flood begetting sons and daughters,
     Heirs of God's love for all eternity!

3.  We, like Elijah, pass through barren places;
     With him confess, "My God is God the LORD."
     Yet as we journey God gives us oasis:
     His holy Supper and His holy Word.
     Come, feast; for Christ as manna truly feeds us,
     The Bread of Life, our reason to rejoice,
     While on the Way of Holiness God leads us:
     "Be strong; fear not!" He says with still, small voice.

4.  Though snares of sin the evil foe is laying,
     Though culture's sirens beckon us toward night,
     "Stand by the roads, and look," the LORD is saying;
     "Ask for the ancient pathways, good and right."
     Come, walk the Way that saints before have taken;
     The crown of life is theirs, the heaven-blest.
     Our God is faithful, we are not forsaken;
     Light from above will lead to Christ, our rest!

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