Sunday, April 4, 2010

All the Earth With Joy Is Sounding

Written in 1995, the text was inspired by the tune MICHAEL.  The hymn explores lesser-used images of the resurrection: Christ as the greater Jonah, the One stronger than the strong man (the devil), Jesus as the author of salvation and the Paschal Lamb slain, raised and reigning.  Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!

All the earth with joy is sounding:
   Christ has risen from the dead!
He, the greater Jonah, bounding
   From the grave, His three-day bed,
        Wins the prize:
        Death’s demise—
        Songs of triumph fill the skies!                                             

Christ, the devil’s might unwinding,
   Leaves behind His borrowed tomb.
Stronger He, the strong man binding,
   Takes, disarms his house of doom;
       In the rout
       Casting out
       Pow’rs of darkness, sin, and doubt.

Jesus, author of salvation,
   Shared in our humanity;
Crowned with radiant exaltation,
   Now He shares His victory!
        From His face
        Shines the grace
        Meant for all our fallen race.
Praise the Lord, His reign commences,
   Reign of life and liberty—
Paschal Lamb, for our offenses,
   Slain and raised to set us free!                                     
        Bow before
        Christ, the Lord of Life adore!

1 comment:

Phillip said...

We have learned this hymn (and tune) at Bethany and just love it.

Indeed, this year we used it as the HOD for the Feast of the Resurrection, using the excellent concertato for choir, brass, and congregation written for this by Walter Pelz.

Thank you for this wonderful gift to the Church.