Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Lord a Prayerful Vigil Kept

This text was written in 1991 for our Lenten worship at Grace Lutheran Church in Middletown, Connectictut, where I served as pastor from 1985-2000.  It is set to the tune CONSOLATION.

1.  Our Lord a prayerful vigil kept
         Within an olive grove;
     Three chosen friends in weakness slept
          While fervently He strove.

2.  His solitary figure lies
          With face upon the ground,
     And to His holy Father cries
          In sorrow so profound:

3.  "My Father, if there yet may be
          A way this cup be shunned,
      Then let this suff'ring pass from Me--
          Your will, not Mine, be done."

4.  The anguish of His soul unknown,
          His sweat, like drops of blood;
     Sin's burden bearing all alone,
          An overwhelming flood!

5.  A torch-lit mob His vigil ends
          With sign that none could miss:
     A friend still loyalty pretends,
          Betraying with a kiss.

6.  The Son of Man is led away
          By those with club and sword;
     The pow'rs of darkness have their prey!
          Will no one help afford?

7.  The timeless plan has now begun
          Unfolding as it should--
     The Father offers up His Son
          To suffer for our good.

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