Sunday, March 8, 2009

In Faithful Silence Take Your Stand

This text by Lutheran Church-Canada pastor, Kurt E. Reinhardt, speaks of the power of God at work in Holy Baptism to defeat our enemies and enable us to walk through life's terrible circumstances on dry ground.   "In Faithful Silence Take Your Stand" is found in a book of Pastor Reinhardt's texts entitled "My Light and My Salvation," (ISBN:  978-1-934328-02-6) published in 2008 by Redeemer Press.  (Go to for additional information and to order.) For permission to use this text in worship, please contact Pastor Kurt Reinhardt at

1.  In faithful silence take your stand,
     Be still and watch My saving hand,
          As surging waters heed My cry
         That you might pass and never die.

2.  The Prince of Hell is at your back,
     With hatred straining to attack,
          My mighty arm keeps him at bay;
          He shall not conquer you today.

3.  Pass through the water, do not fear;
     I will not fail you, I am near.
          Though sin and death will follow in,
          The distant bank they shall not win.

4.  A thund'rous wave will charge them down
     And they will flounder, they will drown;
          Yet you shall stand upon the shore
          To sing My praise forevermore.

5.  The edge of these baptismal seas,
     All littered with dead enemies,
          Throughout your life shall daily stand
          A tribute to My saving hand.

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Orianna Laun said...

The second verse is similar to the comparison I heard today about the devil being like a pit bull on a leash.