Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Satisfy the Hungry Heart

This hymn unites the work of composer, Robert Kreutz, and hymn text writer, Omer Westendorf.  It was among 200 texts submitted for possible use at the 41st International Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia in 1976 and "You Satisfy the Hungry Heart" was selected as the official hymn of that gathering.  First embraced by Roman Catholics, this hymn has since become well-known and a favorite in many denominations.  The hymn was first published in We Celebrate with Song (1979) with the tune name FINEST WHEAT substited for the original tune name given by the composer, BICENTENNIAL.

     You satisfy the hungry heart  
         With gift of finest wheat.  
              Come give to us, O saving Lord,
         The bread of life to eat.

1.  As when the shepherd calls his sheep,
         They know and heed his voice;
              So when You call Your fam'ly, Lord,
         We follow and rejoice.   Refrain

2.  With joyful lips we sing to You
          Our praise and gratitude
               That You should count us worthy, Lord,
          To share this heav'nly food.   Refrain

3.  Is not this cup we bless and share
          The blood of Christ outpoured?
               Do not one cup, one loaf, declare
          Our oneness in the Lord?   Refrain

4.  The myst'ry of Your presence, Lord,
          No mortal tongue can tell:
              Whom all the world cannot contain
          Comes in our hearts to dwell.   Refrain

5.  You give Yourself to us, O Lord;
          Then selfless let us be,
               To serve each other in Your name
          In truth and charity.  Refrain


Tom said...

This is one of my favourite church hymns. Thanks for putting it here.

Soni G said...

what a lovely song, i absolutely love it and the melody. I am always happy to sing this hymn anywhere.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite hymn of all time. I sing this song every night I'm memory of my mother. She passed when I was twelve and it was her favorite hymn. Now it is mine. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

This song is so beautiful, and brings tears.