Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love in Christ Is Strong and Living

This text by Dorothy Schultz (b. 1934) and tune by her husband Ralph C. Schultz (b. 1932) were written for the wedding of their daughter Debra to Kevin Cook on July 15, 1978...which happens to be the same year my wife Pat and I were married (5/6/78).  The tune was named DOROTHY after the hymn writer.  In Lutheran Service Book, the hymn "Fruitful Trees, the Spirit's Sowing" (LSB 691) by Timothy Dudley-Smith is also set to the tune DOROTHY.

1.  Love in Christ is strong and living,
         Binding faithful hearts as one;
     Love in Christ is true and giving.
         May His will in us be done.

2.  Love is patient and forbearing,
         Clothed in Christ's humility,
     Gentle, selfless, kind and caring,
         Reaching out in charity.

3.  Love in Christ abides forever,
         Fainting not when ills attend;
     Love, forgiving and forgiven,
         Shall endure until life's end.

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