Saturday, January 24, 2009

Present Yourself a Worker

"Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth."  (2 Timothy 2:15)  Written for the July 1st, 2007 ordination and installation of my brother-in-law (who is now a dear brother in the ministry), Pastor Larry Wright of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Midland, the recommended tune for this text is AURELIA. The pastoral epistles of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus have much to say to pastors today.  God be praised for all the faithful pastors serving as undershepherds of the Good Shepherd!

1.  Present yourself a worker
         Who need not cow'r in shame,
              As one approved by Jesus;
         With zeal His truth proclaim.  
     Come build on that foundation
         Already laid secure,
              For in the Lord your labor
         Most surely will endure.

2.  Present yourself a steward,
         All pride of self efface,
              As faithfully you manage
         God's precious means of grace--
     The light of Holy Scripture,
         The sacraments divine,
              Where Word is joined to water
         And to the bread and wine.

3.  Present yourself a watchman
         To those within this nave;
              Come, steer this ship in safety
         Through storm and wind-tossed wave.
     The world's deceit and cunning
         Seek not the things above;
              Confront all sin and error,
         But speak the truth in love.

4.  Present yourself a shepherd
         And lead this blood-bought fold
              To pastures green and fragrant,
         To waters pure and cold;
     Be one who seeks the straying
         With love that has no bound,
               As Christ, who sought the lost ones,
         Rejoiced when they were found.

5.  Present yourself a servant,
         For Jesus came as slave,
              His life, a priceless ransom,
         Upon the cross He gave;
     Yet He, before His dying,
         With humble love replete,
              Knelt down with tow'l and water
         To wash disciples' feet.

6.  Know Christ the Lord is present
         To hear your solemn vow
              And with the Holy Spirit
         Your service will endow;
     With joy embrace your calling
         And always be assured:
              God's blessing rests upon you,
         A preacher of His Word.


Anonymous said...

Rev. Starke
I am always humbled to sing and read your beautiful hymnody. My family and I have been very blessed to receive four of your great hymns to the glory of God.

Maybe there is yet to be a commissioned hymn for one who has a Dental Hygiene calling and we can make it 5 for 5?

Pax my brother in Christ

Hans, aka Rev. Recht

amelithpastor said...

Hans, aka Rev. Recht,