Tuesday, May 5, 2020

In Paradise, You Shared Your Best

This beautiful hymn text by Lisa M. Clark (b. 1982) was written in May of 2019 and explores Gospel restoration in terms of honor and shame and tells the salvation story in this way.  She writes, "God created us and welcomed us into His presence.  But we brought shame upon Him, and we were banished from His presence.  Jesus took upon [Himself] our shame, which brought honor back to us.  It also brought us back into God's family." The tune and setting by Jonathan Kohrs (b. 1963) is a perfect match for this lovely text.  

In paradise, You shared Your best With us, Your children dear. Your bounty, presence, work, and rest: Secure from guilt or fear. But we brought shame upon the land And disobeyed Your clear command. Oh, we will never understand The darkness we brought near. 2. In exile, driven from Your face, We hid and worked in vain. We lost the children’s honored place And earned Your just disdain. But Jesus came to take our blame And took away our horrid shame And gave to us His holy name, That we may life regain. 3. In restoration, we are free And welcomed home anew. You smile on us abundantly And bless us through and through. But as we wait for that great day, When all dishonor melts away, Let us, Your own beloved, say: “Our Lord, we honor You!”

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