Thursday, January 15, 2015

Proclaim Good News to Zion

Written to the glory of God for the 90th anniversary (1924-2014) of KFUO, the 'Official Voice of Lutheranism,' broadcasting from the International Center of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in St. Louis, Missouri.  KFUO is known as "The Messenger of Good News" (anniversary theme). All such good news focuses upon what God has done for our world through His Son, Christ Jesus.  The text was written specifically for the tune MISSIONARY HYMN.

Proclaim good news to Zion,
Till highest mountains ring,
Till plains and valleys echo
The Name of Christ our King:
He tends His flock as Shepherd,
With love beyond compare;
Close to His heart He cradles
Each lamb with tender care.

This LORD poured out the waters;
They pooled within His hand!
He weighed the lofty mountains!
Oh, who can understand?
God's Spirit none can fathom,
None dare instruct the Lord;
Yet for each fallen sinner,
His mercy is outpoured!

Who has believed our message?
To whom was it revealed?
He was a man of suffering,
His majesty concealed;
Christ came to take our sorrows,
Be pierced for all our sins,
This sinless Servant-Savior,
Our rescue came to win!

Yet though God's will had crushed Him
To meet the Law's demand,
God's will to make us holy
Would prosper in His hand:
To life this Lamb restoring--
Christ lives, who once had died!
The One who died for many,
The many justified!

How lovely on the mountains
Are those who bring good news,
Who with the blood of Jesus
Our dying world transfuse;
Who say to those in Zion,
"God reigns!  Rejoice and sing!"
Who to the cross of Jesus
By grace through faith will cling!


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