Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Beloved Sets For Me

This text was inspired by an American Gospel song written in 1872 by Lewis Hartsough, the text and tune of which was transported to Wales, where it received its name, GWAHODDIAD*, Welsh for "invitation."   The imagery is from the Song of Solomon. 

My Beloved sets for me
A banquet from above
And over me He stretches forth
The banner of His love.

  “Come, both great and least,”
  Calls our great High Priest,
  “I, with My own flesh and blood,
  Will feed you at My Feast.”

My delight is in the shade
Beneath His holy tree;
How sweet the taste, how fair the fruit
That falls from Calvary!    Refrain

Every fear of mine is gone
Within His strong embrace;
His loving arms that bore my shame
Assure me of His grace.    Refrain

We are robed in purest white
As Christ’s beloved bride,
Made clean by water and the blood
That flowed from Jesus' side!   Refrain


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