Monday, January 2, 2012

My Heart With Joy is Sounding

This 2008 translation of a text by Wilhelm Loehe is titled "Abendmahlslied" and subtitled Freudenlied der erquickten Seele. The origInal tune, O FREUDE, FREUDE was written in 1890 by Fr. Mener. An alternate tune is WIE SOLL ICH DICH EMPFANGEN.

1. My heart with joy is sounding—

Now God is one with me!

His love my heart surrounding

For all eternity:

So highly He esteemed me,

To come with love divine,

And with His blood redeemed me—

I’m His and He is mine!

2. I come, O Bridegroom holy,

My soul made sick by sin,

Your feast of love can solely

Heal all my ills within.

Your wounded side, O Jesus,

Has pow’r to sanctify;

Your blood sin’s grip releases,

So that I will not die.

3. All sin, Lord, I relinquish

Within this crimson flood,

Hell’s embers to extinguish

Beneath Your precious blood;

Accused by sin no longer,

I grasp Your love anew,

With faith made sure and stronger—

How well I’m fed by You!

4. Lord, what can I surrender,

What debt is owed and due?

All that I am I tender

In love, O Christ, to You!

I’m Yours for Your safe keeping,

For Satan, night and day,

With foul deceit is creeping,

To steal my soul away.

5. The path for my salvation

You walked to Calvary;

Receive my adoration

For all Your gifts to me!

May this be my beginning

To love You more, I pray,

To flee this world of sinning

And live my faith each day.

6. My faith bring to completion,

Lord, by Your flesh and blood,

My naked soul’s depletion

Now cover with Your good.

What mercy I am tasting

In this, Your meal of love,

With yearning I am hasting

To know Your bliss above.

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