Thursday, June 23, 2011

When God Made Earth

This hymn was written for my daughter Stephanie and her husband, Justin's wedding on June 18th.  It was sung to the tune RATHERVUE by Alfred Fedak.

1.  When God made earth, the sun was warming
     A pristine world unmarred by death;
     From dust with care the LORD was forming
     A man, in whom He breathed life's breath:
     Then Adam rose from holy ground,
     But for him no fit help was found.

2.  So God caused man to sleep, removing
     A rib from lonely Adam's side;
     And from that bone, His wisdom proving,
     God fashioned Eve as Adam's bride:
     Her flesh, his flesh; her bone, his bone,
     And man no longer was alone.

3.  She was the half, his half completing,
     The complement that made him whole;
     She was the heart that set his beating,
     That sounded depths within his soul;
     She was the gift that graced his eyes,
     That perfect one for him to prize.

4.  Thus shall a man leave father, mother;
     With tender joy embrace his wife,
     For she alone, she and no other,
     Shall be his help, his love, his life--
     No longer two, but joined as one,
     Their pledge of lifelong love begun.

5.  Come now, O Lord, their promise sealing;
     Bind heart and hand with living grace,
     Each day Your love for them revealing,
     The shining brightness of Your face;
     Grant peace and joy in mind and heart,
     That nothing break their bond apart.


Marinus Veenman said...

Use the subjunctive in the last line of verse 5: "That nothing break their bond apart".
Nice hymn.

amelithpastor said...

Thank you MV for you careful reading. I have made the change per your observation. Much appreciated!