Monday, March 21, 2011

Spirit of God, You Know Our Every Need

This text was recently written for a friend at the passing of his father. It is set to the tune ELLERS.  It contains thoughts from Romans 8 and the book of Revelation.

1.  Spirit of God, You know our ev'ry need;
     You hear our cries and for us intercede;
     Your sighs and groans, too deep for any word,
     Before the throne of grace are clearly heard.

2.  As for God's saints, all things work as they should;
     Both fair and foul are molded for their good:
     Foreknown, predestined, called and justified;
     Washed clean in Christ, in Christ are glorified.

3.  What shall we say to all that God has done,
     Who, in His love, conforms us to His Son?
     Shall tribulation, nakedness or sword
     Remove us from the love of Christ our Lord?

4.  No!  For we conquer in and through His grace;
     Not even death can loosen His embrace!
     He, our Good Shepherd; we without alarm
     Pass through death's valley cradled in His arm.

5.  In life and death, God's own are dressed in white;
     Christ's righteous robe clads children of the light
     Through death to life, with those from ev'ry land
     Who sing His praise with vict'ry palm in hand:

6.  "Worthy is Christ, the Lamb who once was slain!
     Worthy is Christ, forevermore to reign!
     Blessing and honor, might and glory be--
     Amen!"  They sing with joy eternally.

7.  They serve the Lamb who sits upon the throne;
     Hunger and thirst by them no more are known;
     Nothing will cause them pain or want or fear,
     As from their eyes God wipes away each tear.

8.  Spirit of God, support us now we pray,
     Keep us by grace through faith until that day
     This earthly temple too is put to bed,
     To wait the resurrection of the dead.

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Emily Cook said...

Great hymn, and I am glad I found this site!