Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Lift My Eyes to See

This text is a versification of one of my favorite psalms, Psalm 121, and is set to the beautifully crafted tune NO CHILD by Amanda Husberg.

1.  I lift my eyes to see
     The mountains soar and tower--
     How strong my Maker's power!
     How sure His help for me!

2.  God keeps your footsteps true;
     His eye is never sleeping,
     His Israel ever keeping--
     So great His love for you!

3.  God guards you by His might;
     The burning sunlight shading
     And when its glow is fading,
     God keeps you safe at night.

4.  At times of trial and strife,
     When evil foes assail you,
     God's presence will not fail you--
     The LORD preserves your life!

5.  When you walk out the door,
     To where your path may lead you,
     God's blessing will precede you,
     Both now and evermore.

6.  All laud and glory be
     To Father, Son, and Spirit,
     Through whom we life inherit--
     O blessed Trinity!


Phillip said...

Ah, beautiful. But where can we find the tune: NO CHILD?

amelithpastor said...

Phillip, send me your email address at pastor@stjohn-amelith.org and I will send you the tune.