Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Beautiful the Feet

This text was written to the glory of God for the recent Michigan District LWML convention (July 9-11) whose theme was "Beautiful Feet" based on Isaiah 52:7.  The tune is RHOSYMEDRE by John D. Edwards, 1805-85.

1.  How beautiful the feet
     That bring good news from God!
     With eager footsteps fleet
     And with the Gospel shod,
     They run with swift and steady ease;
     Their joyful tidings tell of peace,
     How Christ has gained for us release!

2.  How beautiful the feet
     That God the Father prized,
     That walked without deceit
     Yet came to be baptized:
     Christ strode the path from Jordan's stream,
     So our lost world He might redeem,
     Though some His way did not esteem.

3.  How beautiful the feet
     That took the servant's place,
     To selfish pride unseat
     By humble, selfless grace:
     Before disciples kneeling low,
     Christ washed their feet so they might know
     How they as servants still must grow.

4.  How beautiful the feet
     That climbed the skull-like hill,
     Our sin and death to meet
     And do the Father's will:
     Christ died for all, by all disowned,
     The sky grew dark, creation groaned;
     His "It is finished!" He intoned.

5.  How beautiful the feet
     That came at rosy dawn,
     With caring to complete
     But found Christ's body gone:
     The sealing stone they did so dread
     Was rolled away as angels said,
     "The Lord has risen from the dead!"

6.  How beautiful the feet
     That brought good news from God!
     Our steps be likewise fleet
     And with the Gospel shod!
     Come, run with swift and steady ease;
     With joyful tidings tell of peace,
     How Christ has gained for all release!

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