Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whom God Has Summoned By His Word

Timothy Dudley-Smith wrote this text in August of 2005 at Ford in Great Britain.

     Whom God has summoned by His word
        shall they, like Johah, flee,
     far from the presence of the Lord
        across the waste of sea?

     The waves and billows work His will
        the storms His word obey;
     so God provides a refuge still,
        and spurs the heart to pray.

     When from the depths the people cry
         their pleas are not in vain;
     His grace and mercy make reply
         to grant them life again.

     From grief and loss to joy restored,
        from death to life above!
     How slow to anger is the Lord,
        how strong His steadfast love!


joven said...

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Amberg said...

This is so clear and succinct, while drawing so richly from Psalmody and Scripture. Thanks for bring it to our attention!