Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How, Before All Time Began

This Advent/Christmas/Epiphany text was written in 2005 and inspired by the tune ANGELUS AD VIRGINEM to which it is set.

1.  How, before all time began,
     Before the world's creation,
     Could the Lord conceive His plan
     Of mercy and salvation?
     Yet, from that high and timeless place,
     God chose to save our death-bound race:
     Emmanuel--as prophets tell the story
     In Scripture as we know,
     Would veil in flesh His glory
     And dwell with us below!

2.  To the darkness of our light
     And to our need descending,
     Came the Word as Light of Light
     Beyond our comprehending--
     Radiant within the virgin's womb;
     Dawning as day upon our gloom.
     Hail, Jacob's Star!  For all You are now shining
     Your beam of grace on earth,
     Your royal might confining
     Within such humble birth.

3.  As the presence of a king
     Brings honor to a city,
     Bethlehem, be glad and sing
     Your Sov'reign's tender pity;
     Join all the angels who rejoice;
     Let ev'ry creature raise its voice--
     Sing "Glory be to God!" For He is solely
     The God who comes to save
     And to our world unholy,
     The Prince of Peace He gave.

4.  Tarshish lords from distant shore,
     Come pay your tribute to Him;
     Kings of Sheba, kneel before
     The One with worship due Him.
     Rise up, O nations!  See!  Your Lord!
     Long may He live and be adored!
     Oh, may His fame and holy name, transcending
     Each name upon this sphere,
     Be sung with praise unending
     For love so pure and near!


Philip Quardokus said...

I enjoyed it, thanks!

Phil Quardokus

Amberg said...

Thank you for your hymn. I like it's allusions to the Psalms. The meter is really great, but I don't know the tune. I looked for it in LSB, but couldn't find it. Could you direct me somewhere?