Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Tree of Life

Holy Cross Day

1. The tree of life with ev’ry good
    In Eden’s holy orchard stood,
        And of its fruit so pure and sweet
        God let the man and woman eat.
    Yet in this garden also grew
    Another tree, of which they knew;
        Its lovely limbs with fruit adorned
        Against whose eating God had warned.

2. The stillness of that sacred grove
    Was broken, as the serpent strove
        With tempting voice Eve to beguile
        And Adam too by sin defile.
    O day of sadness when the breath
    Of fear and darkness, doubt and death,
        Its awful poison first displayed
        Within the world so newly made.

3. What mercy God showed to our race,
    A plan of rescue by His grace:
        In sending One from woman’s seed,
        The One to fill our greatest need—
    For on a tree uplifted high
    His only Son for sin would die,
        Would drink the cup of scorn and dread
        To crush the ancient serpent’s head!

4. Now from that tree of Jesus’ shame
    Flows life eternal in His name;
        For all who trust and will believe,
        Salvation’s living fruit receive.
    And of this fruit so pure and sweet
    The Lord invites the world to eat,
        To find within this cross of wood
        The tree of life with ev’ry good.

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Anonymous said...

The children at our Academy absolutely love this hymn. We just sang it Friday. A perfect Holy Cross hymn. Amen!