Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We Are Called to Stand Together

Today's LSB lectionary reading is Acts 13:42-52 in which Paul and Barnabas are preaching Christ Jesus to Jew and Gentile alike.  Many believed, but Paul and Barnabas also faced persecution for the message they preached.  We too are called to proclaim the good news of Jesus' life, death and resurrection in our world today, to be salutary salt and brilliant light, to stand in that succession of believers which extends backward through time.

1.  We are called to stand together
        With the saints of ages past,
            With the patriarchs and prophets
       In the faith they once held fast;
                 Promises and hopes they treasured
        Now we find fulfilled at last!

2.  Those whom Jesus called apostles
        Journeyed with Him side by side,
           Heard His teaching, felt His power
        Saw the way He lived and died;
              Then the news of resurrection
        They delivered far and wide.

3.  Through the intervening ages
         Round the world the Gospel spread:
            Faithful heralds took the message,
         Guided where the Spirit led;
               So the body grew in stature,
         Serving Christ, the living head.

4.  Now to many tongues and cultures
        Songs of celebration ring;
           Millions who confess our Savior
        Honor Him as Lord and King
              And for courage, grace and guidance
        Ev'ry day their prayers they bring.

5.  To each coming generation
        Tell the truth, persuade, explain,
           Till the time when time is ended,
        Till the Savior comes again--
              Till the saints are all united
        Under Christ's eternal reign!

"We Are Called to Stand Together" is hymn #828 in Lutheran Service Book.  There it is wed to Henry Gerike's strong tune ASCENDED TRIUMPH.

Martin Leckebusch was born in Leicester, Great Britain, in 1962 and educated at Oriel College, Oxford and Brunel University.  He and his wife Jane have four daughters; their second child, a son, died in 1995.  Since 1987 he has written nearly 400 hymn texts, of which around half have so far been published by Kevin Mayhew.  


Josh Osbun said...

There can never be too many websites devoted to such a marvelous topic as hymnody! I will be sure to add you to my list of places for people to visit.

dakotapastor said...

As a missionary and church planter in North Dakota, this is the hymn of the day that I choose for all of my Mission Sunday services throughout the district. I appreciate it's emphasis on Christians working together, even with the saints of old, in the work of the church.